Symposium 2 – Hong Kong Dance Exchange 2022

Symposium 2

《Where is ‘Hong-Kong-ness’ in local dance works?》

Hong Kong

11.9.2022 (Sun)
Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
16:30 – 18:30

What makes Hong Kong dance distinctly Hong Kong? How do we breathe our thoughts, feelings and passion into local dance works? HDX is going to have in-depth conversations with four local and overseas choreographers. Discussion topics range from personal creation to our homeland’s inspirations; from ideas to onstage performances; from sex/gender exploration to trans-region exchanges; from physical training to local witch dance culture (professional Taoist masters will demonstrate excerpts of Taoist funeral ritual ‘hell-door-breaking’ for a cross-disciplinary exchange on the spot).

Daniel YEUNG Chun-kong
Wong Pik Kei
Tan-ki Wong
Terry Tsang
Reisa Shimojima