Yu Ho-sik

NDA International Festival Korea

Arts Director, Founder, and Choreographer of Designare Movement, and President and Arts Director of NDA International Festival. Ho Sik invited as the youngest judge in Spain’s 20th Masdanza, which is widely known throughout the world. He graduated from Kyungbuk Special Arts High School and Hanyang Univ., with major/specialty in modern arts, and was exempted from Korean military obligation as 2006 winner of national rookie dance competition, which allowed him to reach his status as the renowned modern choreographer from Korea. He was also selected as 2009-2010 Young Art Frontier by Korea Arts Council, which further allowed him a fellowship to study abroad in the US and a grant to support foundation of Designare Movement and its first performance. At 2007, he received exceptional performance award from national new generation choreography competition, with his performance, “closed”. In 2008 Korea Dance association, he won the best choreographer award with his signature performance, “heavy circulation”. This performance prompted him to be invited by MODAFE, SCF and Fukuoka Dance Fringe festival, where he was critically acclaimed by Norikoshi Takaoka, a renowned dance critic from Japan,. At 2013, he was invited by Dance Asia in Japan, earning critical acclaims with his performance, “Zebra Melody”. Widely recognized as the new generation dancer representing Asia, he currently travels between Korea, Japan, Singapore, USA, and Europe and continues to display his performances.