Yoon Nara


“The sense of distinguishing the scene with differentiated movement is the natural talent of choreographer” – Nara Yoon.

Nara Yoon emerged as a choreographer with <Let me help you> at New Generation Festival hosted by Contemporary Dance Association of Korea in 2018.

“He recognized for aesthetic vision and feasibility as a choreographer with <Knock Knock> in 2019.“ – Dance Critic Aeroyng moon-

  • 2013 Korea International Dance competition 3rd Winner
  • 2013 Berlin International Dance competition Second Prize Winner
  • 2014 Greece Hellas International Dance competition Second Prize Winner
  • 2015 Seoul International Dance competition First prize winner
  • 2018 A young choreographer competition First prize winner
  • 2018Seoul International 2 Human Resources Festival First prize winner


Choreography history:

  • 2017 What’s your name?
  • 2018 Essential Emotion
  • 2018 Let me help you
  • 2018 Not sun view
  • 2019 Knock Knock
  • 2019 perfect timing