Chung Po-Yuan


Co-curator of WANT TO DANCE FESTIVAL. Mr. Zhong received an MA in directing from the Department of Theatre, Taipei National University of the Arts. He has a lot of experience in screenwriting and directing and the topics of his creations are diverse and rich, including mythological stories and legends, local histories, social events and literary works. After founding Shinehouse Theatre, he has created over 30 original works and some of them have been published.

His production A Midsummer Night’s Chat created in 2011 was nominated for the Third Quarter Taishin Arts Awards. In the same year, he was given the National Youth Contribution Award by the National Youth Commission of the Executive Yuan for his active participation in public affairs and promotion of arts and cultural education in communities.

Mr. Zhong adopts social issues for topics and the contents are diverse and rich. His works express strong concerns about culture. In A Midsummer Night’s Chat, for example, ghosts are used as the simile for humans and the audience enjoys watching the show. After moving to Wanhua, he has been devoted to promotion of local culture and even interviewed homeless people and sex workers. He has also opened a community theater class.