Byung-joo Choi

SAI Festival Japan

Awarded the Japan Exchange Fellowship by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs as a foreign dance artist, Byung Joo Choi graduated from the Graduate School of Ochanomizu University in Tokyo with both Masters’ and Doctor’s degree. During her research, Choi has published theses on the history and analyses of Korea contemporary dance, including her Doctor-degree thesis “Study on Contemporary Dancer Hung Sin-Cha (1940-)”; and her Korean translation of “The Complete Guide to Contemporary Dance HYPER” by renowned Japanese dance critic Takao Norikoshi in 2007. Apart from teaching at the university as a part-time lecturer, Choi also sits on the committee of Japan-Korea Dance Alliance and presented many of Asia’s newest contemporary dance talents like Jo Kanamori and Hong Seung-yeop.

Choi has also organised the Tokyo x Seoul Duo Dance Festival (2013-2015), Japanese & Korean Traditional Dance Festival ‘’Ryo’’ (2016); as well as co-founding NDA Dance Festival (2012-2017) and chairing the jury panel of the Asian Solo and Duo Challenge for MASDANZA.