Liisa Nojonen – Hong Kong Dance Exchange 2022

Liisa Nojonen

Joy of Dance OY

Nojonen received her training in dance first in Finland, then abroad in Holland, Germany, France, England and USA. She has studied a variety of dance techniques, in addition to training in administrative leadership and educational planning.

A highly acclaimed jazz and modern dance awardee and international influencer, she is committed to the development and planning in the field of dance of her homeland. She has been the state’s Art of Dance Committee and the founder of district network in dance.

Founding the Dance School Liisa Nojonen in 1979, one of Finland’s leading dance schools, she has been the managing director, master teacher, choreographer for the school. She founded her professional dance groups Pori Dance Company and Joy of Dance Company respectively in 1989 and 2015, serving as artistic director, choreographer, managing director and producer.

Representing her homeland as a field adviser and an international member of jury in dance competition, Nojonen has further promoted the country’s reputation and networks in dance arts. She received many noticeable awards not only at home but also internationally.