launch – Hong Kong Dance Exchange 2022

H.D.X 2022

Ignite the Body - Stir the Heart

Zoom in on a new dancescape

where the body is ablaze with hope

The third edition of Hong Kong Dance Exchange International Festival (HDX) brings to light six remarkable local dance works, cracking open new interpretations in the post-pandemic era. We partner with a contemporary performance network, which includes cont·act Contemporary Dance Festival (Singapore), MASDANZA, The International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands (Spain), MASH Jerusalem International Dance Week (Israel), New Dance For Asia International Festival (Korea), Odoru-Akita International Dance Festival (Japan), SAI Festival (Japan), Want To Dance Festival (Taiwan) and Joy of Dance OY (Finland). Breaking free from any physical constraints, both local and international dancers will meet the audience in the flesh and conquer their hearts.

A sneak peek of our new commissioned works:

  • An all-male cast turns into hell-door-breakers in Terry Tsang’s new work to retrieve lingering memories.#
  • Is there light at the end of the tunnel in Wong Tan-ki’s dance career? To dance or not to dance? They are the burning questions in IT’S NOT MY BODY chapter 3.5.
  • When two fearless female choreographers come face-to-face, a revolution Geyser awaits. Wong Pik Kei (Hong Kong) and Reisa Shimojima (Japan) see no boundaries in women or the human body.
  • The two champion pieces in street dance contest CLAP 2022 have been reworked to amplify their soul-stirring performance.

Get your body and heart ready.
Stay tuned to more dazzling from HDX!