It’s not my body chapter 3.5 – Hong Kong Dance Exchange 2022


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Programme 3

IT’S NOT MY BODY chapter 3.5

Hong Kong

11.9.2022 (Sun)
Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
15:00 – 17:00

Since 2014, the IT’S NOT MY BODY series has been a game of chess for Wong Tan-ki. Wrestling with his own shadow, the dancer’s every move, pause and limbo on stage construct a strong proposition about his dance life. 8 years has passed and IT’S NOT MY BODY comes to chapter 3.5, still pressing on burning questions for a dancer: to be or not to be?

Tan-ki Wong

Tan-ki Wong

Sound Design and Editing
Tan-ki Wong

Music Credits
Wolff Bergen

Lighting Design

Props Development
Tan-ki Wong

Coordinator of Props
Tsui Wai Hong (Voyu) @ Siu Fung Production

*By kind permission of City Contemporary Dance Company