Felix Chan – Hong Kong Dance Exchange 2022

Felix Chan

Hong Kong

Chan focuses on cultural hybridity, technological theatre, dance and independent film performances. He is an experienced curator and producer who have worked with wide-ranging theatre and film companies in Hong Kong, Taiwan and London in the previous ten years. He is also the curator and producer for theatre and film companies. Chan received the Master’s Degree in Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship – Theatre & Performance Pathway from Goldsmiths University of London, United Kingdom in 2018-19.

His recent theatre curations (selected): Marcopolo Endgame, a live performance + all audiences wearing VRs (2021); Cats and the Coastal forest (2021), Poem in a Jail (2021), and Stream of Consciousness (2018), which are immersive theatre; Together, a digital immersive theatre by Factory Irregular (Prague Quadrennial 2019); Somewhere out there (2016) by Taiwan National Theatre; Milonga online by the sea (2021), The Future Project (2021) and so on.
Besides, he received the Award for Young Artist (Arts Criticism), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2015 from Hong Kong Arts Development Council. He has been the judge for The Hong Kong Theatre Libre since 2013 and also been invited to be a critic-in-resident in festivals around the world. He has been one of the six art critics in the world who discussed the connection between arts festival and pandemic in Holland Festival (2020).