Workshop – Hong Kong Dance Exchange 2022

Workshop 2

Go beyond Butoh – contemporary Japanese Butoh workshop

10.9.2022 (Sat)

The choreographer-cum-performer duo brings Those who ain’t damn nobody’s out-of-the-box creativity to the workshop. Surrender your body to the magical state of ‘being moved’. Recommended especially for performers who wish to expand their range of body language.

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Workshop 3

Faces Dance, Too

11.9.2022 (Sun)

Ayane digs into the most overlooked body part among dancers: the face. Experiment with subtle facial expressions and deadpan faces and marvel at how the face influences the body.

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Workshop 1

Korean Hybrid Stew

9.9.2022 (Fri)

Flex your muscles with Gom-bang-yi-teot-da’s choreographer. Based on Feldenkrais method, Kim merges Korean body-tuning and improvisation like a delish pot of Army Stew. Spice up your definition of physical harmony!

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