Announcement 2 – Hong Kong Dance Exchange 2022

Program change, ticket exchange and refund arrangement


The H.D. X 2022 “Programme 1” that originally scheduled on 9 Sep will be cancelled. Ticket holders of the impacted performance (9 Sep 2022), please fill in below form by 8 Sep 2022, further ticket arrangement will be facilitated through individual communication. If H.D.X can’t receive email by above deadline, we may not be able to arrange the selected programme.

Please note that H.D. X will be the sole party for the further ticket arrangement; the venue and Urbtix outlet will not be involved. Audiences impacted from the performance cancellation can also email to H.D.X for further enquiry:

Cancelled “Programme 1” – Ticket Information Registration Form:
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We appreciate your continued support of the Hong Kong Dance Exchange!

Please refer to this website for the latest programme.
*The organiser reserves the right to change the program.


H.D. X